About Us

The Power of Story

Since before the time of the alphabet, people have used stories to persuade, empower, educate, entertain, inspire change and motivate action.
Today, we continue to tell stories in a wide variety of formats – songs, movies, even our Facebook feeds tell a story.

But there’s just something about hearing a story live and in person!

Listening to a person speak, seeing them gesture and witnessing the emotions on their face – there’s nothing like it!

We Believe In Stories

Regardless of where people gather – stories are told.
Whether it’s around the water cooler, over lunch, even after your corporate event, stories will be told.

MCP Talent is dedicated to making sure the event is talked about positively.

We’ve all attended a gathering that was less than stellar.
Sometimes it’s the catering, others it’s the subject matter, our aim is to make sure it’s never the entertainment!

Matching the right speaker to the right event can sometimes feel like matching socks on laundry day. Each speaker has their own style. Some are strictly informative, others are emotionally motivating. There are those who prefer to add a bit of humour, while others aim to be provocative.

We here at MCP consider ourselves like the casting director for an organization’s meeting. We want to match the right character to the right role.

Our Part in Your Story

Just like a casting director, we have to ensure we find the right fit. Whether it’s an emcee, a keynote speaker, or an entertainer; matching the presentation to an audience requires that we understand the focus and objectives of your gathering. In our experience, context is everything when you’re looking to connect and resonate with your audience.

Since 1972, MCP Talent has been providing insight, and support matching world-class storytellers to corporate event planners, organizations and associations across the globe. This requires that we first work with the event planner to get to know the organization – their concerns, challenges, and culture so that we are certain that we connect them with the perfect storyteller ensuring the event has a happy ending.